100% Seamless Automation between Woocommerce and ZOHO Books

The most powerful woocommerce plugin for effortless invoicing, automatic order and inventory syncing with ZOHO Books

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LinkZoho, the next-gen ‘Woocommerce-ZOHO Books’ integration plugin empowers Woocommerce store owners with automated invoicing, synchronized order processing, and streamlined inventory management. With support for foreign currencies and international shipping, expand your business globally with ease. Experience a new level of automation, accuracy, and productivity like never before.

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With our Link ZOHO plugin, you’ll save valuable time and resources while enjoying accurate and streamlined invoicing. Experience a range of benefits including:

Easy & Quick Setup

Automated Order Creation

The 'LinkZoho' plugin automatically generates sales orders in ZOHO Books for every successful transaction in Woocommerce, eliminating the need for manual order entry.

How it Works

The most smooth and easiest kickstart to hassle free accounting & bookkeeping

Pricing Plans

Premium Plan


/ site / year

  • Everything in Standard Plan

  • Automatic COD Customer Creation/Updation

  • Automatic COD Sales Order Creation

  • Automatic COD Invoice Generation

  • Sync Inventory Data & Product SKUs

  • Create 'Business' Customers in Zoho Books

  • B2B Sales Order Creation

  • B2B Invoice Generation

  • B2B Invoice Emailing

  • B2B GST Tax Treatment- For India

  • B2B Tax Treatment- For GCC, USA , Canada, Mexico, UK

  • Standard Plan


    / site / year

  • Automatic Customer Creation/Updation

  • Automatic Sales Order Generation

  • Automatic Invoice Generation

  • Automatic Invoice Emailing

  • Pre-mapped Order & Customer Fields

  • Map Sales Orders & Invoice Template

  • Sync GST Tax Rates- For India

  • Sync State-wise Tax Rates- For USA, Canada

  • Sync Tax Treatment- For GCC and Mexico

  • Sync VAT Tax Rates- For United Kingdom

  • Sync Tax Exemptions- For USA, Canada, India

  • Map Banking & Payment Methods

  • Invoicing for Individual Customer Type

  • Supports Multiple Currencies

  • FAQs

    What is the 'LinkZoho' plugin?

    The 'LinkZoho' plugin is a powerful integration tool that connects your Woocommerce store with ZOHO Books, enabling automatic order creation, invoicing, and inventory sync.

    How does the plugin work?

    The plugin works by seamlessly integrating your Woocommerce store with ZOHO Books, allowing for automatic syncing of orders, invoices, and inventory data between the two platforms.

    Do I need any technical expertise to set up the plugin?

    No, the 'LinkZoho' plugin is designed to be user-friendly and can be easily set up without any technical expertise. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for configuration.

    Does the plugin support cash-on-delivery (COD) orders?

    Yes, the 'LinkZoho' plugin automatically creates sales orders and invoices in ZOHO Books for COD orders as well as other payment methods. This feature is supported in the premium version of the plugin.

    How often does the plugin sync order and inventory data?

    The plugin offers real-time synchronization, ensuring that order and inventory data is continuously updated between Woocommerce and ZOHO Books.

    Can I customize the mapping of fields between the platforms?

    Yes, the plugin allows for customizable field and template mapping enabling you to map specific fields and data according to your business requirements.

    Does the plugin support multi-currency transactions?

    Yes, the 'LinkZoho' plugin supports multiple currencies, allowing you to seamlessly process transactions in different currencies. This feature is available in the premium version of the plugin.

    Can I handle international shipping orders with the plugin?

    Yes, the plugin integrates international shipping orders by syncing relevant order and shipping information between Woocommerce and ZOHO Books.

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